Happy Endings

Amazing home made deserts

No meal is complete without a happy ending. So try one of our amazing homemade desserts.

  • Island Bread Pudding v-line2 classic bread pudding with Nittaya's touch v-line2 $10
  • Coconut Ice Cream v-line2 made in house v-line2 $4
  • Green tea Ice Cream v-line2 $4
  • Fried Banana v-line2 banana v-line2 coconut rum caramel sauce  v-line2 $8
  • Thai Donuts  v-line2 fried cake dough  v-line2 coconut rum caramel sauce  v-line2 $8
  • Family Style Coconut Ice Cream v-line2 coconut sticky rice v-line2 served in a whole young coconut v-line2 $15
  • Banana Chocolate Beignet v-line2 banana v-line2 chocolate v-line2 wrap in pastry v-line2 $9
  • Chocolate Pots De Creme  v-line2 chocolate mousse v-line2 whipped cream v-line2 $8
  • Island Sunday Fools  v-line2 coconut ice cream v-line2 caramelize pineapple v-line2 coconut rum caramel sauce v-line2 $10
  • Mango Coconut Rice (seasonal, ask server for availability) coconut milk v-line2 sweet mango v-line2 $8
  • Creme Brûlée (Ginger, Coconut, Green tea) v-line2 $6 / $15 - Trio